Sometimes, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairytale. Weddings By Sonali (WBS) will do all that we can to help you write the most beautiful beginning to your very own ‘happily ever after’.

Love is never ordinary. And rarely is it ever perfect. But it doesn’t' have to be. It just needs to be perfect for you. Our goal is to make your wedding the very best reflection of yourself and your love. We will work with you from concept and design to roll out and execution, to give life to an event that is beautiful, soulful and uniquely you.

An unforgettable wedding is not one big thing, it is a million little things. We believe in the little things because the little things have the biggest meaning. From the perfect location to the tiniest place setting, from the grandest vision to the tiniest quirk, we aspire to create an event that celebrates your past and your future, giving life to memories that you can grow old with.


One special day in 2007, when serendipity led Sonali to organizing a wedding for a close friend, she suddenly knew she had found her calling. Since that fortuitous day, Sonali has made a career of event management, leveraging her boundless creativity, corporate experience and savvy business acumen to create incredible events for friends, family and customers alike. Now, with over 5 years of full time experience in the event management industry, Sonali and her team have worked closely with over 200 clients and partners to bring their visions to life in the most colorful and vibrant way, and at the best possible value.


The Team

Sonali works with a core team that prides itself in creative collaboration and co-creation. A small unit of 10-12 dynamic individuals with specific expertise comes together under Sonali’s guidance to make magic out of the mundane. With proficiency in interior design, graphic design, marketing, communication and event planning expertise, this exciting team has been working together for years to create magical, unforgettable moments for many, many years. They can’t wait to do the same for you!

“Planning your wedding isn't just another event in my calendar.It's a special privilege to share in the happiest day of your life!”