• Tilanthi & Robert
    January 2017

    Planning a wedding in Sri Lanka when you live and work in the United States is no simple feat. Even though we knew we were having a pretty small wedding (at least by Sri Lankan standards!), we quickly realised that it would be next to impossible to coordinate all the logistics from several time zones away, working solo. Through family connections we met Sonali, and feel so fortunate now that she took on our wedding. Perhaps one of her most valuable assets is being able to gauge her clients’ personalities and tastes and then deliver exactly what is desired and needed. I wasn’t super-opinionated about colour palettes or design schemes going in but I was able to communicate the ideal feel of the event and that was all it really took. Looking back, I’m glad I just let Sonali and her team do “their thing”, as the final product was better than we could have imagined. The décor was incredibly elegant, stylish and tasteful, with so much attention to detail, and the ambience was really warm and inviting to our guests.

    Folks planning a wedding in Sri Lanka will be familiar with a delightful (in retrospect only!) but confusing chaos of vendors one should select from for each aspect of the festivities, including the Poruwa ceremony, venue, music, cake, etc. Sonali was instrumental in helping guide us through this phase. We really had to have faith in her recommendations since we were thousands of miles away and decisions had to be made based on zero first-hand experience, but we were just ecstatic in the end! The jazz band and wedding cake really blew us away.

    We were pretty surprised when it was all over that we actually had fun at our own wedding! On our special day, we could afford to kick back and enjoy ourselves. Our families and we have so many wonderful memories from our wedding to cherish over the years – thank you so much Sonali and your team for making that possible.

  • Mathi & Yohan
    December 2016

    We decided to get married in December 2016 and we only had 6 months to plan the entire wedding. As December is a peak month for weddings, most of the vendors were already booked at the time and we had limited options in terms of selecting vendors. Since both of us were working full time and due to the limited availability of time, we decided to work with a wedding planner.

    After reviewing several facebook pages of the top wedding planners in the country, we found the work of Sonali and her team most suited to our personalities. We reached out to the team over facebook but unfortunately, we were told that due to the high demand they are not able to accept our request. Without giving up, we contacted the team and managed to convince them to help us plan our wedding.

    When we first met Sonali 6 months prior to our wedding, we only had a few ideas of what we wanted our wedding to be. Both of us wanted a simple and elegant garden wedding for a limited number of close family and friends. From the planning stage of the wedding to its execution, Sonali looked into every detail and pulled off a perfect wedding for us. We loved her attention to detail and her creativity. Sonali and her team listened to our ideas and helped us find cost effective options to realise them. On the wedding day, they were well coordinated and ensured everything went smoothly. We enjoyed working with the team and we would certainly recommend “Weddings by Sonali” to anyone who wants to plan a perfect wedding. Looking back, we are glad that we were able to work with Sonali and her awesome team.

  • Shanika & Ayesh
    December 2016

    Our wedding was a dream, it was exactly what we wanted. Sonali and her team have been amazing. I knew exactly what I wanted and it was a tropical themed wedding. I was introduced to Sonali by my aunt and she came highly recommended. When we started the planning process my husband to be was overseas so I needed someone who could be reliable, to help me take decisions and give me some direction. Sonali was great at giving us ideas, her creativity is limitless. She is an extremely lovely person and she made our day beautiful and special

    On the day of the wedding, I must say I was an extremely relaxed bride. We had planned on having our poruwa ceremony outside in the garden, however it started raining and put a damper on our plans. Sonali and her team rushed everything inside and made it seem as if nothing had happened. Every single detail had been looked into. We are extremely grateful to Sonali and her team for bringing our dreams into reality.

  • Gabrielle & Masid
    December 2016

    Planning a wedding from 9000 miles away seemed like a daunting task at the time.Being very particular and detail oriented made it more impossible to coordinate and approve my never ending to-do list. I wanted something grand, yet elegant, unique and memorable. Every detail mattered.

    Sonali is no stranger to me. She was the driving force behind the revival of the Ladies’College water ballet team. She produced some spectacular performances that we enjoyed thoroughly! When she moved to the planning business, her tasteful work always caught my eye.

    When it was my turn to walk down the aisle I knew exactly who my first call was going to be to! I was quite undecided during the initial stage of the process but when I shared my thoughts about what the vibe of the event needed to be Sonali and her team were extremely perceptive and curated the perfect mood board to suite my preference.

    Sonali was so flexible and accommodating which made the process a lot less stressful than I expected it to be. She worked within the budget we set and was very professional in handling all communications and transactions.

    On the day – I was just blown away! Every little detail was looked into. From the beautiful décor to the tasteful menu to the perfect band and the most amazing makeup artist. Sonali only works with the best! She does not compromise on quality and she can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary event. Sonali and her team can seriously throw a fabulous fête

  • Tehani & Amrit
    November 2016

    Sonali was no stranger to our families having created magic for our closest family members at their weddings. For a bride planning her wedding from overseas, with very distinct ideas and details in mind, it was crucial to have someone reliable on the ground to work with. Sonali’s creativity is unparalleled. She was so detail-oriented and really helped us bring to life our vision of a traditional but classic wedding, and a tropical themed fiesta to conclude our wedding week.

    The day prior to our wedding Sonali really took over and executed every minute detail to perfection. We had nothing to worry about besides focusing on having fun. At our tropical themed wedding reception, there were (as with most weddings) some minor hiccups outside of our control. We were so thankful to Sonali for remaining calm and collected and for going above and beyond on the day to create an even more beautiful wedding than we had anticipated. We could not have pulled off such a perfect event without her.

    We are grateful to Sonali and her team for creating magic and for executing on our vision so perfectly! As far as attention to detail and creativity goes, Sonali truly is one in a million!'

  • Nikita & Anand
    October 2016

    Our wedding was all that we could have dreamt of, and more. We cared a little too much about the details and that's what made Sonali a perfect choice. Though she came highly recommended by a friend, she proved to be above all recommendation. Sonali and her team mould themselves into your taste and preference and are in the end, an integral and emotional part of your wedding. Her quiet demeanour hides a tough, able, talented planner with experience that speaks for itself. It is imperative, as you march towards an emotionally charged day, that you have someone - calm and steady - in your corner. Sonali was exactly that for us. There were hurdles for us to cross with venues and vendors and while we almost threw our hats in the ring, Sonali kept us all on track. There was sentiment, intimacy and magic in all the decor she executed so effortlessly. It means the world to have a personable, meticulous, heartfelt planner - and that is everything she is! When the wedding was done and we were packing to return to India, we felt genuinely sad to bid Sonali farewell. Until we meet again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Akanksha & Prem
    January 2016

    Being something of a design dilettante myself, I have a high bar for aesthetics that I trust few with (my husband does not qualify). But then there is Sonali...

    I asked Sonali to be my wedding planner because I loved her taste, but I Quickly realised that planning an event requires much more than a good eye - it takes organisation (planning multiple elaborate events back-to-back, managing a ton of vendors), creative problem solving (OMG we didn't buy enough liquor, we need more by the morning and it's midnight on saturday in the middle of nowhere), good communication (bridezilla needs to be tactfully managed sometimes!), thoughtfulness (balancing beautiful with budgetful, thinking of the little things that will make your guests' lives easy) and most of all a big heart.

    Sonali was not just my planner, but my friend and therapist through the year leading up to the wedidng. I troubled her for everything that was part of her job and not - from writing the description of a reformist Hindu ceremony and organizing airport pickups to complaining about errant guests who RSVP'd too late and honeymoon ideas. She was always ready with a shoulder during my pre-wedding stress breakdowns and a hug when I found the perfect wedding outfit. I might even go so far as to say that she was a bigger part of my wedding experience than my husband was!

    It truly was white-glove service, but with a gianormous heart to boot.

  • Anoush & Darin
    April 2015

    We challenged this team in so many ways !! We are tough customers !! Fickle minded, pedantic, non-conventional, plus on top of us wanting to challenge every little detail and suggestion (sorry Sonali we just can't help it) we threw the team difficult logistics, exotic flowers, exotic locations. All we asked for was a SUPER CLASS event..... and they delivered beyond our expectations. INCREDIBLE.

    Reflecting how it all went down.....Sonali raised the bar beyond what we thought was possible. The theatre, beauty, detail. Even Better - they challenged our thinking and improved on what we thought was AWESOME.....many many times.........Sonali has an incredible ability to focus on getting small detailed decisions right, in harmony with the whole plan.

    The real test was what our guests had to say and we have heard the words 'magical' and 'fairytale' far too many times to think that it was just a fluke!

    Thank you Sonali (and your team) for helping us create some beautiful memories that we will cherish..... forever!

  • Erandi & Geethal
    January 2015

    We came across ‘Weddings by Sonali’ through an article online when we first started planning our wedding. After getting in touch with Sonali and looking at her portfolio, we immediately knew that her style suited the kind of wedding that we wanted. The simple yet classy and elegant décor that she is known for is exactly what we had in mind. She thought outside the box and suggested adding lampshades to the décor…something that is uncommon in Sri Lankan weddings. We were pleased with the outcome. Sonali is very knowledgeable about the wedding industry in Sri Lanka and she has a good network of suppliers. Sonali’s services definitely became helpful on the day of our wedding

  • Zainab & Tariq
    August 2015

    Tariq and I would like to sincerely thank you and your wonderful team for planning such a beautiful wedding! It surpassed everything we hoped for. Sonali, you are a true treasure and I would gladly recommend you to any loving couple looking to have a truly memorable wedding. Your ideas were great, your execution brilliant and your patience boundless.

    We are truly grateful for the the kindness you and your team showed us, our family and friends on the night. All the feedback we have received from friends and family have been wonderful especially in regards to the floral decorations and throne. Thank you for paying attention to every little detail from the invitations, table decorations, throne, to the absolutely stunning arrangement you created for us at the entrance.

    Sonali, it was a relief to find someone whose taste was so similar to mine, so easy to talk to and discuss ideas with. Your kindness and creativity is endless, wishing you all the very best for future events.

    Thank you for a magical night! Lots of Love to you and your team

  • Lavina & David
    July 2015

    We cannot say thank you enough for what you did for the wedding. It was truly beautiful and everything ran so smoothly. Our guests are still talking about it and I know everyone says it but I cant disagree with the general consensus which was that it was the most beautiful wedding anyone had seen. I know it's your job but I wish we could thank you properly, you really have been amazing.

    The overall experience with you and your team was nothing short of amazing. You are eternally professional and have wonderful ideas, the execution of which are perfect. I don't think a bride could ever hope for a better planner. Thank you so much again, you really gave us the perfect wedding. All our love,

  • Ashanth & Dinelka
    January 2014

    Having our wedding in a small town out in the middle of nowhere bordering Sinharaja rainforest provided unique challenges to the wedding planning experience! What we envisioned was an intimate and personal affair. Together with Sonali every little detail however simple or complicated was well thought of and it all came together so brilliantly!

    The church service was enchanting - Our tiny little Deniyaya church was situated on top of a hill in the middle of the town, surrounded by tall green trees and the hubbub of laughing children at the nearby school. Falling, flickering petals provided natural confetti to our guests as they walked the stone staircase up to the church. The church itself was flowing with streams of flowers, and was a feast for the eyes, yet maintaining the simple tranquility offered by the chapel.

    Afterwards our guests enjoyed traditional food in the church courtyard - kokis, kavum, vaddae and all washed down with thambili and refreshing lemon ice tea. Meanwhile we were with our amazingly talented photographer Kesara, whose natural and imaginative photographs captured the vibe of the day perfectly.

    Our reception that evening was magical. It was held at the Rainforest Eco-Lodge, about an hour drive from the nearest town. The lodge is made up of 16 small chalets lining the edges of a tea field valley. Our dance floor was a wooden deck, open to the wide blue sky, and soon to the stars. As night fell, the clouds drifted in and rested in the valley; above us blue and orange lanterns swung in the breeze, below us, we were floating on a bed of mist. The lodge had prepared a glorious banquet for us, and our amazing band - Silk - and their exuberant party sounds echoed throughout the valley and ensured everyone had an amazing time dancing and singing all night.

    What made the day so special was the little touches - wooden signs in the middle of the forest directing our guests, little bunches of wildflowers hung with twine around the lodge, blue bottles of various shapes and sizes lining the dinner tables and of course our gift packs for each guest - with umbrellas, citronella bottles and a tiny handcrafted wooden elephant, all adorned with our wedding colours and design. Everyone who attended had an amazing time! With Sonali organising and taking care of everything, we were able to focus on spending time with our friends and family, and of course enjoying ourselves! Thank you Sonali for helping make our wedding day the best day ever

  • Tiara & Nissanga
    March 2013

    Nissanga and I hired Sonali to plan our wedding based on the recommendation of a friend, and we could not have asked for a better person with whom to share the journey towards such a momentous occasion in our lives.
    Sonali and I had the same vision for the day from the very beginning, and she was able to execute exactly what I wanted, down to the tiniest detail. She is very creative and was always ready with excellent ideas and suggestions.
    We had a year and a half to plan our wedding, which meant that we were able to take our time with getting things exactly how we wanted them, and there was never a moment where we felt rushed or overwhelmed. I have no doubt though, that I would have felt exactly the same even if we had just a few months, with Sonali being on top of things the way she was. The attention to detail shown by Sonali and her team on the day, was also something that was noticed and commented on by many of our guests.

  • Shehani & Michael
    September 2012

    Sonali was my A to Z on all wedding related matters. Creativity is a natural instinct for her and she worked almost effortlessly in putting together a beautiful ceremony. It was just as Michael and I wanted it to be-warm, friendly, lots of teal and gold interspersed tastefully and a great party. More importantly for me, it was all the work that led to the ceremony that made it memorable-the dress, the make-up, flowers, invites and even our silly pre-wedding shoot-they were all subtle, yet powerful expressions of how we liked our big day to be- brought to life by a skilled, persevering planner who was determined to see a happy and relaxed couple on the dancing floor. She’s also a lovely human-being which made working with her a delightful experience for us.